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April Pictorial

Neil and I took a long weekend in early April to see his family down in Oregon. I haven’t been great as of late with taking pictures – If I had, I would have actually taken some with his family! While the highlight was certainly catching up with those familiar faces, there are some other aspects of the trip that made it onto the camera and are definitely worth noting.

These, for example, taken at the 22nd Street Station – a sweet cafe in Forest Grove.

This breakfast is endorsed by Mexico (and Bob Ross).
America’s no slouch! The glob of butter and jar of maple syrup probably aren’t necessary on this already decadent Bavarian French Toast. Incredible! But do not plan on thinking, moving, or operating any heavy machinery after consumption.

Spring blooms at the Fernhill Wetlands – my first time seeing the deep red trillium.

Meanwhile, back in Bellingham…
Scenes from our Douglas Avenue homestead:

New Arrivals!

Chicken and Vegetable babies absorbing heat.
An afternoon of cribbage on the yurt porch with our friend and neighbor Baker.


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