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Spring ReCap

So allegedly Summer starts tomorrow.  And, in my naively hopeful mind, both the clouds and this mondo head cold I’ve come down with are going to leave these parts forever in favor of sunshine and clear sinuses.  Time will tell …  In the meantime, these pictures tell the story of the past few weeks, with weekends that have largely been spent away from home: visiting Jill and Justin for a beautiful weekend in Port Angeles and going down to Oregon to spend some time with Neil’s family [a trip that included an epic bike ride (the 39 mile Gorge Ride) with Neil’s dad]. Panda Conspiracy’s Laser Prom and culinary adventures are sprinkled in for good measure.  

Springtime 2010:
The magic of the Olympic Peninsula hits you quickly as you cross the bridge…

and follows you into the forests.
pre-ride, fresh legs

GORGE-ous wildflowers: balsamroot, yarrow, bachelor buttons

Biking is serious business.

pre-Prom photo-op by our locker

my first solo quiche attempt – kale, garlic scapes, onions and morels
Many thanks to Jill for taking the intimidation factor away from the whole process!

Happy Solstice friends!  

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