food, farming, friends and family: a meditation on chosen simplicity and (in)voluntary complications – life.

Cloudview Revisited

Last weekend Neil, Chris and I crossed over the mountains and over the Columbia to spend time at our old farm and home, Cloudview. This was Chris’ first time there, and, for Neil and I, it had been nearly a year since we last visited. I say I don’t know how I let that much time pass; and in ways I don’t. But a closer look reveals: Life. Work and play and the busyness they add up to. What I take heart in is that no matter how long it has been since I last visited, I am always greeted with a spirit of inclusiveness and an abundance of good people and good food. On top of that, it is inspiring and fulfilling to know that a project I have put so much work and love into continues on – and grows. And thrives.

But thousands of carrots don’t leave you too much time to get sentimental.
So we got our hands dirty and the carrots clean. 


We got to know the faces of the flora and fauna. 

We explored the beauty of the landscape and talked about future projects.

We sold the only products I’ve ever felt happy to market.

And we spent some time taking in the views from our old home.
Ok, so there’s always time to get sentimental – and nostalgic, too. My year at Cloudview was one of the most transformative – and true – experiences of my life. It connected me to people I hold dear and to a community that, even as it grows, still includes me. My trips back are reminders that the values that I started to cultivate there are still resonating both within and outside of me. And while I’m still looking for the project (moreover the opportunity for a lifestyle) that will callus my hands, strengthen my spirit and leave me exhaustedly fulfilled, Cloudview makes me certain that it’s out there – and it’s possible.

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