food, farming, friends and family: a meditation on chosen simplicity and (in)voluntary complications – life.

Playing Catch-Up

A few weeks ago now I went back to Michigan to celebrate the marriage of my oldest friend, Erica, and her partner Greg. Erica and I have known each other for over half of our lives, and it meant so much to be part of such an important event for her and her growing family. The pictures don’t capture the building fun and excitement of the weekend, the beauty of the wedding, the [knees-shaking] toast I gave (aided heavily by Tom Robbins), or the time my mom and Erica’s dad stole the show on the dance-floor when Stayin’ Alive came on. Incredible. Erica, Greg, you two are certainly off to a great start – Congratulations and all the best!

Bridesmaids and the Bride-to-Be

Meet the Morin’s.
Erica, McKenna, and Mario

Cate makes a great wedding date.


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