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so long spring!

There’s a bittersweetness to the start of summer with the recognition that the daylight hours will begin to dwindle, but it’s hard to get hung up on that when the days are hot and sunny and the crops are so bountiful.  The scarcity of the beginning months of spring is now long-forgotten, replaced with the abundant, colorful, 3-dimensional fruits of summer.  We’re already well into our harvesting of greens, peas, strawberries, turnips, radishes and garlic scapes (with 28 jars of pickled scapes to show for it!)   Zucchinis and beets have made recent and exciting new appearances. And beans, new potatoes, cherry tomatoes and garlic wait in the wings, promising hours of harvest to be followed by meals of potato salads, gazpacho and grilled veggies.  My body and mind are tired and satisfied, both surer than ever that this is the work that I’m meant to do, my love in action.  As for my spirit, it’s feeling invigorated, and felt particularly so when a group of my fellow farmers and I ran around the farm naked on the night of the solstice: a warm rain falling, fireflies flashbulbing all over, and a beautiful fit of lightening in the sky.  So many of the things I love about Michigan coalescing in one space and time.  So here’s to Summer!  But not without a quick homage to the season that got us here, the damp and dutiful Spring:

love from michigan,