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As Seen On Tantre Farm

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Food and Community at Selma Cafe

For the past 5+ years I’ve lived in a bubble.  A bubble filled with people who love food, from its beginning as tiny seeds tucked into soil to the many incarnations it can take in the kitchen, and love too the community that springs up around a dining room table.  In moving to Michigan, I wasn’t sure if I would find that bubble popped or just shifted.  While the familiar faces around the table, some of the ingredients in the dishes, and, who knows, maybe the levels of recovery from butter-phobia may be a bit different, I am so happy to find a thriving food community in Southeast Michigan.  And last Friday (at the advice of both my mom and my friend Jill), Neil and I sat down to eat at what has quickly become a hub of the local food/community movement in Ann Arbor: the Selma Cafe

Their blog explains it better than I can, but the basic idea as I understand it is that Jeff and Lisa, the visionaries of Selma, started the cafe in their home a couple of years ago as a place where people could come and share food, conversation, ideas and inspiration for a few hours on Friday mornings.  The food would be local and prepared in-house and the proceeds would go towards funding the construction of hoop houses on farms in the area.  With a mission of creating a community space and evolving a community and food consciousness, the Selma Cafe is clearly off and running:  an article I recently read said that upwards of 150 people eat breakfast at Selma every Friday.

Neil and I walked in to find the place brimming with people, most of them sitting around the huge communal table in what must have previously been Jeff and Lisa’s living room.  The kitchen was buzzing with cooks, super friendly volunteer staff, a live folk band and more dining nooks.  We filled our tummies with biscuits and gravy, a delicious fried egg, local hoophouse greens, a scone from a local bakery, and Michigan cider.  In the process, we chatted with our neighbors, all of us outfitted with name tags we’d later stick to the wall in the entrance.   A beautiful way to spend a Friday morning and a comforting continuation of my bubble.

I’m so glad to know places like this exist here, and will definitely be a return visitor.  If you’re in the area, check Selma out.

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