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Springtime in Michigan

Alright Michigan, I get it.  I was feeling a little too excited about my first sunburn of the season last week.  That muggy 80 degree day last Sunday was over the top, it’s true.  We were getting ahead of ourselves, looking past Spring right towards Summer, and it’s only natural you’d want to put us in our places.  With 4 inches of snow…  in mid-April.  As that picture up above shows though, it melted as quickly as it fell – a thick white blanket turning to muddy sludge in no time.

So what’s a farmer to do (besides gnash her teeth a little bit) when the snow makes fields untillable, spinach unharvestable, and weeds unhoeable?  Well the good thing (and sometimes the bad thing) about being on a farm is there is always work to do: spring cleaning, building the trusses that will support our greenhouses, weeding hoophouses (and enjoying the diversity the weeds – lambs quarters and mustards – will offer our spinach salads), turning frozen tomatoes and berries into canned sauce and jam, sharpening tools, making cheese and yogurt, transplanting peppers and tomatoes into larger pots and flats, willing those seeds that have already found their homes in the soil to bide their time, and hoping that Spring – when it decides to show itself – will be generous.